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B00XRRAWYMRomance: The Billionaires Heart - A Billionaire Romance by Nancy Adams

Rated: 4 stars on 657 reviews. Genre: Contemporary, Short Stories, Single Authors, Romance
Price: Free [Drop from $4.99]
All you need is love: And a big handbag by Julie Hodgson

Rated: 4.8 stars on 11 reviews. Genre: Humorous, New Adult & College, Romantic Comedy, Teen & Young Adult, General Humor
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B00K6KBKEYNever Been Kissed: A Never Been Novel (Never Been series Book 1) by C.M. Kars

Rated: 4.4 stars on 118 reviews. Genre: Literature & Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, New Adult & College
Price: Free [Drop from $3.99]
Red Team Alpha: A Crimson Worlds Adventure by Jay Allan

Rated: 5 stars on 1 reviews. Genre: Space Fleet, Space Marine, First Contact, Alien Invasion, Colonization, Exploration, Galactic Empire, Genetic Engineering, Space Opera, Space Exploration
Price: $0.99
The Case of the Dead Dowager: A Michaela McPherson Mystery Book II (Michaela McPherson Crime Thrillers 2) by Judith Lucci

Rated: 4.9 stars on 17 reviews. Genre: Forensic Psychology, Noir, Serial Killers, Police Procedurals, Suspense, Teen & Young Adult, Psychological
Price: $0.99
Taken (Many Lives Book 2) by Laxmi Hariharan

Rated: 4.7 stars on 58 reviews. Genre: Metaphysical & Visionary, Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Sword & Sorcery, Romance, Women's Adventure, Metaphysical, Mythology, Werewolves & Shifters
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
A Catamount Christmas, Paranormal Romance (Catamount Lion Shifters Book 5) by J.H. Croix, Clarise Tan

Rated: 4.8 stars on 28 reviews. Genre: Psychics, Romance, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Literary, Holidays, Paranormal, Werewolves & Shifters
Price: $0.99
Beat the Rain by Nigel Jay Cooper

Rated: 4.5 stars on 38 reviews. Genre: Psychological, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Family Life, Literary, Psychological Thrillers
Price: $6.15 [Drop from $7.99]
B00MXRUSSWA Perfect Shade of Assassin - The Collection by Rebecca Milton

Rated: 4.4 stars on 7 reviews. Genre: Erotica, Genre Fiction, Anthologies, Short Stories, Single Authors, Collections & Anthologies
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B00M5WSERMThe Quest of Narrigh (The Other Worlds Book 1) by S.K. Holder

Rated: 3.7 stars on 13 reviews. Genre: Literature & Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Coming of Age, Superhero, Superheroes, Action & Adventure
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
DON'T GET MAD...: The Ins and Outs of Getting Even as An Entry Level Assassin by j.m. allen

Rated: 4.8 stars on 6 reviews. Genre: General Humor, Humorous, Contemporary Fiction
Price: $0.99
You Shall Know Our Names (The Judah Halevi Journals Book 1) by Ezekiel Nieto Benzion

Rated: 4.6 stars on 24 reviews. Genre: Jewish, Teen & Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
Little Morning Star (Wicked Crown Book 1) by May Sage, Rebecca Frank, Tracy Vincent

Rated: 4.7 stars on 44 reviews. Genre: Folklore, Mythology & Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Mythology, Paranormal, Werewolves & Shifters, Angels, Psychics, Witches & Wizards, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Literature & Fiction, Royalty
Price: $0.99
B00D0S530GLakota Honor (Branded Trilogy Book 1) by Kat Flannery

Rated: 4.5 stars on 75 reviews. Genre: Literature & Fiction, Western, Paranormal, Westerns
Price: $0.99
Ashes of a Moonflower by A.P. Leigh, Steve Patno

Rated: 4.9 stars on 16 reviews. Genre: Thrillers, Kidnapping, Teen & Young Adult
Price: Free [Drop from $4.99]
B00QO04A7EWho is Jesus: Meet the Incarnation of Wisdom by John Hunt

Rated: 4.9 stars on 9 reviews. Genre: New Testament, History & Culture, Religion & Spirituality, Education, New Testament Study, History, Biblical History & Culture, Biography
Price: $0.99
Secrets Under the Mesa by Nicki Huntsman Smith

Rated: 4.8 stars on 11 reviews. Genre: Literature & Fiction, Suspense, Genetic Engineering
Price: $2.99
A Rose For Jonathan (Angels And Demons Series Book 1) by Beth Green

Rated: 4.9 stars on 33 reviews. Genre: Spiritual Warfare, Christian Books & Bibles, Spirituality, Religion & Spirituality, Teen & Young Adult, Children's eBooks
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
B00JXKHXVMJodie and the library card (Jodie Broom Book 1) by Julie Hodgson

Rated: 4.8 stars on 12 reviews. Genre: Time Travel, Action & Adventure
Price: $0.99
Where Do They Go? Part 1 by B.D Donaldson

Rated: 4.5 stars on 45 reviews. Genre: Science, Nature & How It Works, Activity Books, Imagination & Play, Science Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
Daily Reflections on Divine Mercy: 365 Days with Saint Faustina by John Paul Thomas

Rated: 4.8 stars on 28 reviews. Genre: Saints, Religion & Spirituality, Catholicism, Saints & Sainthood
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
London Large - Bound by Blood: Detective Hawkins Crime Thriller Series Book 2 (London Large Hard-Boiled Crime Series) by Roy Robson, Garry Robson

Genre: Hard-Boiled, Traditional Detectives, British Detectives, Teen & Young Adult
Price: $4.49
B009FZPMFOSaving Grace (What Doesn?t Kill You, #1): A Katie Romantic Mystery (What Doesn't Kill You) by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Rated: 4.3 stars on 2415 reviews. Genre: Literature & Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Cozy, Mystery, Suspense, Ghosts, Amateur Sleuths, Romantic Comedy, Women Sleuths
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
Addicted to Him: Loving A Boss by Sha Jones

Rated: 4.8 stars on 13 reviews. Genre: Urban, Romance
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
B00THZX61OThe Lopsided Christmas Cake by Wanda E. Brunstetter, Jean Brunstetter

Rated: 4.5 stars on 120 reviews. Genre: Amish, Amish & Mennonite, United States, Romance
Price: $9.38 [Drop from $12.99]
An Assassin's Blade: The Complete Trilogy by Justin DePaoli

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Epic
Price: $0.99
Ketogenic Diet: 1-week meal plan for Weight Loss 1500 calories (ketogenic diet, ketogenic diet for beginners, ... diet mistakes, diet plan, diet guide) by Tori Smith

Rated: 4.9 stars on 10 reviews. Genre: Ketogenic, Low Carbohydrate, Weight Loss, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Low Carb, Weight Maintenance
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
The Phoenix Decree: Book One in The Phoenix Decree Saga by Anna Albergucci

Rated: 4.5 stars on 15 reviews. Genre: Time Travel, Historical, Romantic
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
To Leave a Memory by Pat Dunlap Evans

Rated: 4.7 stars on 23 reviews. Genre: Family Life, Contemporary Women, Domestic Life, Women's Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $7.99]
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life that Transcends the Boundaries of Her Time (Biography Sketches, Women in History) by Lisa Winn

Rated: 4.9 stars on 12 reviews. Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Politics & Social Sciences, Women, Women in Politics
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
Complicity in Heels: A Money Launderers? Tale (The Nikki Frank Collection Book 1) by Matt Leatherwood Jr.

Rated: 4.6 stars on 8 reviews. Genre: Financial, Crime, Suspense
Price: Free [Drop from $0.99]
PsychoAnalysis by V.R. Stone

Rated: 4.5 stars on 26 reviews. Genre: Noir, Serial Killers, Crime
Price: $0.99 [Drop from $3.99]
Hacking University Graduation Edition: 4 Manuscripts (Computer, Mobile, Python & Linux): Hacking Computers, Mobile Devices, Apps, Game Consoles and Learn ... (Hacking Freedom and Data Driven Book) by Isaac D. Cody

Rated: 4.7 stars on 26 reviews. Genre: Microelectronics, Hacking, Databases
Price: Free [Drop from $5.99]
Evolution Z: Stage One (An apocalypse zombie survival thriller Book 1) by David Bourne, Frank Dietz

Rated: 4.3 stars on 17 reviews. Genre: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic
Price: $0.99
Psychiatric Theories, Failings & Madness by Brynmor Leyshon

Genre: Alternative Medicine, Mental Health, Medical Books, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Alternative Therapies, General, Medical eBooks
Price: $0.99
Harlem Mosaics by Whit Frazier, Cinque Schatz, Marc Primus

Rated: 5 stars on 5 reviews. Genre: Literary, Historical, African American
Price: Free [Drop from $2.99]
The Eternal: Guardian of Light (The Mind Rift Saga Book 1) by Guy Lozier

Rated: 4.9 stars on 8 reviews. Genre: Dark Fantasy, Epic, Teen & Young Adult
Price: $0.99
B00YZ9C956Escape from the Past: The Duke's Wrath by Annette Oppenlander

Rated: 4.7 stars on 38 reviews. Genre: Medieval, Action & Adventure
Price: $0.99 [Drop from $6.99]
The Airshipmen: A Novel Based on a True Story. A Tale of Love, Betrayal & Political Intrigue. by David Dennington

Rated: 4.5 stars on 23 reviews. Genre: Action & Adventure, Historical, Literary, Historical Fiction
Price: Free [Drop from $6.99]
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